At Douglas Yeadon Hardware in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, we like to think we have something for everyone, but when it comes to our cookware and kitchen department, we really have outdone ourselves. As Douglas Yeadon used to say “You name it, we’ve got it.”

When it comes to kitchen gadgets like pots, pans, steamers, casserole dishes and cast iron skillets – our Boston Spa location has two of the best names in the business: Judge and Stellar. Both have a well-earned reputation for high-quality products.

Brita Water Filters

We are proud to stock Brita’s smart water solutions. Use their Maxtra filters for an even purer water drinking experience.


Plates, dishes, cups: our West Yorkshire shop has got it all.


From basic drinking glasses to elegant flutes or sundae dishes, our store has the works!

Jam & Preserving

Nothing like the satisfaction of home-made jam. We stock a range of jars and all the preserving equipment you could possibly need.

KitchenCraft Gadgets

Whatever kitchen gadget you’re in the market for: pots, pans, steamers, casserole dishes and cast iron skillets – we are likely to have it.

Masterclass Bakeware

With the Masterclass brand of bakeware, you can bake with confidence. The range has a size and shape for every bake, including a number of the new crusty bake perforated pieces. The bakeware has a 20-year guarantee with a 5-year non-stick guarantee. Here at Douglas Yeadon Hardware, we stock an excellent range of this product, offering a choice of about 100 shapes and sizes.

Pyrex Glass

Pyrex is one of the world’s best-trusted names in glassware, snapware, bakeware, decorated storage and more. We stock a large selection of Bowls, Measuring jugs, Casseroles and Roasters. We are delighted to be a stockist of their products.


The SodaStream Terra machine turns tap water into sparkling water in seconds. You can also infuse sparkling water with natural fruit, as a healthy alternative to sugary, fizzy drinks and customise the amount of bubbles you prefer in your water. Flavour concentrates and gas refills available

Stellar Cookware

Thanks to many years of stocking the Stellar brand, we are confident there will be a style of pan, casserole, steamer or stockpot to suit your needs. All Stellar pans are backed up with a lifetime pan guarantee, and a 10-year non-stick guarantee. Available as individual items or as sets.

The best in bakeware and kitchen gadgets

Whatever cookware or bakeware product choose, you can be sure it will be built to last. Most of our products have a solid heat distribution base and are made with premium quality stainless steel that is dishwasher and oven safe.


Get Busy with the Fizzy! We stock SodaStream sparkling water makers, flavour concentrates and gas refills. Purchase your replacement for shop brought sparkling water as well as saving money and help the environment. Gas Refills available