It’s only when you wander up and down our aisles that you realise how many things your home could really do with. Douglas Yeadon Hardware’s homeware section in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, is a prime example.

Tidy up that cupboard with our range of Addis storage containers. Frame that family picture you’ve been thinking of hanging in the hall. Add a touch romance to your dinner or relaxation to a long hot bath. Give everyone a warm welcome, with a new doormat!

Addis Plastics

We are a licensed Addis Plastics supplier. From lunchboxes to tool cases to furniture: Addis is a leading plastics company, producing quality products for over 100 years.


Brabantia is about much more than just kitchen waste bins, which we stock, along with a full range of liners. We have a choice of ironing boards and covers as well as outdoor rotary driers, and many other Brabantia products.


It’s always a good time to light up! Our broad range of candles come in every conceivable size and colour, for every occasion.

Door Mats

Large choice of traditional coir and rubber door mats. Including 17mm Coir matting cut to size. Yorkshire-made Hug rug door mats made from recycled tyres, plastic bottles and cotton fabrics.


Knitters and sewers can’t resist our haberdashery section, with a wide selection of needles, thread, ribbon, buttons and associated paraphernalia. We started stocking balls of wool recently, and it’s proved to be so popular we’re expanding our range of colours and blends of yarn.

HG Hagesan Cleaning

Douglas Yeadon Hardware is proud to stock HG Hagesan’s premium cleaning products. These items do exactly what they promise: clean effectively.

Knitting Supplies & Wool

A full range of supplies for knitters and sewists, dressmakers, tailors and seamsters, including wool, thread, pattern books, needles and more.


Festive or functional: our napkins have you covered.

Pest Control

We stock the most effective pest control solutions available. Including Insect Killer Powder, Fly Paper, Rat Killer, Flea Powder and more.